Wednesday, June 1, 2016

we have learnt to make string loom band

Today we have finished our work for  and it is pretty and it is Hard to do but i can try my best to try and i have achieved my Goals  for teaching  my friends how to do there own loom band And  i was trying my best to focus and  focus constraints on my Loom band without no talking. and today was my last day befor I go back to class and when we go back to class we will quiet go tTake your netbook in your classroom and sit on the mat. but we have to remember how to say thank you to your teacher that have been teaching you how to make your own string loom band and today it was my first time making these perfect loom bands. and how i done it is i grabbed two strings and i made a note and how i made it how i made it is i went green to green and yellow to the yellow and then we grab the green and you 

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